TRUMP: “We’ll Do What Has To Be Done!” President UNLEASHES Final Ultimatum To North Korea

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US President Donald Trump told Rex Tillerson not to waste his time trying to negotiate with North Korea’s leader. This is a massive tweet. Here it is below.


Ouch. The Secretary of State issued a report that the United States was now communicating with North Korea about its nuclear missile programs. Mr. Tillerson than said that Pyongyang has shown interest in talking, according to SMH.

“The first time I would have the opportunity to sit with the North Koreans it would be to say what do you want to talk about, because we haven’t even got that far yet,” Tillerson told reporters in Beijing on Saturday.

Our President is right about North Korea. It doesn’t seem like they are willing to work with us at all.

h/t (LibertyWriters)

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