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UNBELIEVABLE! Liberal Hypocrites Blast Trump For Sending Massive Aid To Puerto Rico

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The Trump administration will waive federal restrictions on foreign ships’ transportation of cargo to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico, allowing huge amounts of much-needed aid into the U.S. Territory.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said on Twitter Thursday that President Donald Trump has “authorized the Jones Act to be waived for Puerto Rico.” She says Trump is responding to a request from the governor, and it “will go into effect immediately.”

The President Tweeted this:

The Jones Act is a little-known federal law that prohibits foreign-flagged ships from shuttling goods between U.S. ports. Republicans and Democrats have pushed Trump to waive the Jones Act, saying it could help get desperately needed supplies delivered to the island more quickly and at less cost.

In light of such good news, however, it is unbelievable to what lengths the Left will go to just to complain about anything and everything President Trump accomplishes. Once the Jones Act was waived, Liberals began to backlash the President for just about anything.

Trump had this to say:


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