DERANGED College Professor Calls For Trump To Hang And Says He Doesn’t Regret It

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College campuses have long been seen as a breeding ground for liberal perspectives. The theory regarding the left-wing presence has become painfully clear in the last year. Places like Berkeley have devolved from centers for ideas and debate into safe spaces for fragile students who require trigger warnings for words. In some instances, Professors and other university staff across the country have caught themselves in controversies for speaking too bluntly.

A notable instance recently is when a professor with Austin Community College tweeted he would be ok with Secretary of Education Betsy Devos being sexually assaulted.

Austin Community College rightfully disavowed the tweet by Robert Ranco, but it’s mind-blowing that political discourse in this country is reaching this point. Liberals portray Trump as a threat to women because he talks about sexually harassing women, but a college professor is found wishing sexual assault on someone over mere policy disagreements.

As if that wasn’t enough, a college lecturer was recently caught seeking violence against those he disagrees with.

California State University lecturer Lars Maischak was caught with not one, but multiple tweets encouraging violence against those he disagrees with politically. One tweet said that the President needs to be hung to save Democracy, and another later would ask if anyone was soliciting funds for a monument dedicated to a hypothetical President Trump assassin. In another tweet, he stated that justice was executing two Republicans for every one immigrant deported.

To be sure, the political discourse in this country is boiling over. Emotions are high and tempers are raging on all sides of the aisle. But does this justify wishing for sexual assault or encouraging violence?

To his credit, Robert Ranco resigned and apologized for his tweet wishing sexual assault on Secretary Devos. He also issued a statement and apologized directly to the Secretary on Twitter.

But what about Maischak? He believes he’s the victim here.

In an interview with Politico, he says he has no regrets. What kind of human being calls for hanging someone over political disagreements and feels no shame? What kind of person believes in executing others over political disagreements without regret?

Not only is this disturbing, but Maischak’s level of paranoia is concerning.

He believes that being disciplined by the college is a right wing conspiracy. In his own mind, his call for the President of the United States to be hung was taken out of context. In his mind, calling for Republican politicians to be executed was taken out of context.


Beyond this, he’s considering suing the college if they discipline him anymore for encouraging violence in such emotionally charged times.

Lars Maischuk is clearly a disturbed individual. He sees no issue with calling for violence against political opponents and thinks that it is fine to wish for assassinating the President of the United States. Beyond this, he wants a monument built to the person who would do this. Is this any way for someone working at an education establishment to act? What kind of example does it set for students?

(via: Liberty Conservative)

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