POLL: Is #TakeAKnee Based On A Pack Of Lies?

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The national disgrace that was Sunday took place because a public, largely ignorant of facts, were spoon-fed emotional ultimatums by a media still seething with hatred towards a president whose win they’ve never accepted. That he so easily lit their fuse demonstrates their inability to think. That they blew it so out of proportion demonstrated their own lack of coherence with facts, and exposed an under-bellied desire to use lies to advance a narrative based purely on their hate for their president and the people who elected him.

The players who took their knee on Sunday did so because they believe that the president was attacking the players of the league in general.

Not true.

They believed he attacked them based on race.

Again not true.

They believed and were repeatedly told on the networks that their First Amendment rights had been taken away.

Not even close to true.

Do you agree that #Takeaknee is based on a pack of lies?


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