Town Gives Man EPIC Nickname After He Shoots 5th Robber

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You wouldn’t steal from Clint Eastwood. And you shouldn’t steal from Sowann Suy.

You may have heard of the first one, but the second is a Florida convenience store owner who’s made news because of his refusal to take any guff from robbers. On Wednesday, Suy forced a man who was stealing his beer to turn it over and then fired a warning shot.

It’s little wonder that Suy has been dubbed “Clint Eastwood” by his friends.

According to WESH-TV, the would-be thief was trying to lift some brew from Suy’s gas station convenience store in the Atlantic coast community of Cocoa by stuffing a can in each pocket. Suy was right behind him as he left the store, but he quickly found out that the hooligan was willing to use force to get his brew.

“(He) tried to beat me up, took my beer and left,” Suy said.

“I told him to give my beer back, and he ignored it. I pointed a gun at him, and he gave me my beer back.”

Pretty simple cause-and-effect there. Suy fired a warning shot into the air, further driving the point home. The thief decided to decamp to a cemetery across the street, where police ended up taking him into custody for questioning.

According to The Associated Press, this isn’t Suy’s first time using his Second Amendment rights to protect his property. In fact, he’s pretty much accumulating frequent flier miles at this point.

Back in 2009, he shot a robbery suspect in the stomach. In 2010, he chased off a robber with his gun. The latest incident, in 2016, ended with him wounding one during a botched robbery; that man is now serving a 20-year sentence after taking three bullets from Suy.

That man had two accomplices with him, which means Suy has now fired his gun against a total of five bad guys out to rob him. (And that doesn’t even count the one he chased off just by showing the weapon.)

Each time, the police have said that the shootings were justified. As Cocoa police spokeswoman Barbara Matthews has noted, Suy has “a perfect right to defend himself.” While authorities are looking whether this warning shot was a crime, one hopes that it’s only a pro-forma investigation. The state attorney will decide whether Suy will be charged within the next few weeks.

Suy’s defenders say that he’s just a guy trying to protect his store and his property by exercising his God-given Second Amendment rights.

“Sowann does not bother anybody,” friend Harold Davis said. “He’s a wonderful family guy. And why people come over here doing this to him, I have no clue.”

As for Suy, he has nothing but contempt for those who feel entitled to take what belongs to others through force.

“People are lazy; don’t want to work,” Suy said. “They want easy stuff. That’s not right. You live in the United States, should be everybody has to work hard for it; earn your own money.”

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(via: Conservative Tribune)

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