First Lady Boards Plane ALONE, Leaves President BEHIND, And You Wont Believe Why

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Melania Trump boarded a plane alone, leaving the President behind, and you won’t believe where she went and why!

Melania Trump has been on fire recently. She has been working overtime as the First Lady and, as such, America is falling in love with her.

However, all the speeches and meetings up until now have NOTHING on what First Lady Melania did this morning. She hopped on a plane, ALONE, and flew to the Invictus Games in Canada for her first ever solo-Trip representing the United States.

Even her big trip was not the BIGGEST thing about her day. Moments after Melania landed in Canada, she went and met with Prince Harry of England. Not even the President himself has met with the British royal family yet!

That did not stop Melania Trump from appearing fully professional to the point where Prince Harry even seemed a little intimidated by the former Slovenian Super Model.

Sure, it may not be the same as fighting it out with N Korea, but what Melania did today is impressive in that it shows how great of a First Lady she really is. She held her composure and represented our country VERY well.

It also proves that despite the tabloids claiming Britains don’t like Trump, that the royal family has ZERO problems associating with them. If you are proud of how Melania did today, help show your support and share her amazing story everywhere.


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