Crooked Hillary Earns Her Nickname By Donating 1 Million To Hurricane Victims…But There’s A CATCH!

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President Trump did something no other sitting president has ever done when he gave $1 million of his own personal wealth to aid the victims of a natural disaster.

Hillary Clinton also did something unprecedented with nearly a million dollars of her own money, but it was much more sinister.

From The Daily Caller:

According to Federal Election Commission documents, Hillary Clinton transferred $800,000 from her failed political campaign “Hillary for America” to her new Super-PAC “Onward Together”, before she announced the existence of the PAC in May, 2017.

Amid other disturbing details, it’s now been revealed that “Onward Together” is a 501(c)4 “Social Welfare” organization, which means that it’s not required to disclose many of the details of its operations to the public or disclose who its donors are.

But the Daily Caller’s investigation was able to reveal that at least four Antifa groups had received money from Hillary’s new PAC.

So, while Trump’s using his personal wealth to help rebuild the lives of down-and-out Americans, Hillary’s spending hers to try and overthrow a sitting president.

Both unprecedented, just in very different ways.

(via: Conservative Post)

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