DACA Was Lawless And Unconstitutional…That’s What People Don’t Understand!

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A few thoughts on DACA, the general welfare, and the law:

Obama did not enforce immigration law (his job); he invited children to cross our border illegally; he put them in harm’s way, breaking up families, solely to gain political advantage, pretending compassion.

He broke the law to bring them and accommodate them, illegally provided work permits and benefits, issued empty promises setting them up for failure, caused conflict and hardship for those children and for U.S. citizens and government workers, and now we are supposed to believe Obama is the wise and compassionate leader?

People protesting the cancellation of DACA do not understand the rule of law that protects everyone’s liberty. They believe allowing the executive branch to rule like a dictator in order to break the law is a solution to a problem the executive branch caused in the first place. President Obama aggravated the illegal immigration problem by refusing to enforce immigration law.

The Obama administration’s unilateral enactment of DACA was lawless, unconstitutional, damaging to the general welfare and recklessly irresponsible, ill-serving everyone involved, illegal immigrants and citizens alike.

If we want liberty we must have a republic as created by the Founders, and we cannot have a republic without the rule of law. For 50 years our schools have failed to teach these truths, and consequently the republic is unraveling due to rampant illegality perpetrated by Barack Obama & Co.

This new administration is working to restore the rule of law, the republic, and liberty and justice for all.

People protesting the removal of DACA simply do not understand, or they endorse the destruction of our republic as does Barack Obama.

(via: Western Journalism)

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