FAKE NEWS ALERT: DELETING Negative Reviews of Hillary’s Book — Attempt To Cover Up Poor Sales

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Imagine you wrote a book that sadly only your immediate family kind of liked (and they seemed to be breathtakingly generous with their opinion). Odds are good that if someone were silly enough to publish your masterpiece it would quickly and quietly die a well deserved death.

But not so if your a liberal icon like Hillary Clinton. In her case any barely coherent ramblings pressed together in at least two pages of a book are treated as if they were a combination of Dickens “Tale of Two Cities” and The Dead Sea Scrolls. Regardless as to the actual substance of her missive, which is typically very lacking.

It is perhaps due to that fact that Internet giant in their desperation to unload Hillary Clinton’s bitter tome about the 2016 election is apparently employing nefarious tactics to make it appear not only intelligible, but as if it were the summer read the world has been waiting for.

These tactics by Amazon are reminiscent (unfortunately) of the heavily weighted (read bias not pounds) “polls” of the 2016 election that showed Clinton clobbering Donald Trump by never before heard of margins

This (like most liberal attempts at hoodwinking America) isn’t anything new, in fact Amazon was accused of doing much the same thing when “Stronger Together” (a Clinton book written with her somewhat unintentionally comical Vice Presidential candidate Timothy Kaine) was being offered for sale by Amazon’s website. According to a Fox News article–reviews-for-hillary-clintons-book.html The book appeared to be every bit as popular as….. well as popular as you could possibly imagine something written by the dynamic team of Clinton and Kaine could be, which is to say not very.

The Fox News article explained

The book, co-authored by Clinton’s running mate, Tim Kaine, sold just 2,912 copies in its first week on sale, according to Nielsen BookScan. And the online ratings have been abysmal, with 81 percent one-star ratings and an average of only 1.7 on after it hit book shelves on Sept 6.
Amazon, however, has tried to fix that.
According to — which has been tracking the number of reviews — Amazon deleted hundreds of comments last week that were critical of the book, which lays out a policy blueprint of how the country would look under a Clinton-Kaine administration.

Which brings us to Hillary’s latest literary endeavor “What Happened” Newsbusters reported the unbelievable news that CBS show Good Moring America had actually saw fit to report on the favorable treatment that Clinton’s new book “What Happened” is receiving from Amazon.

In speaking about the Good Morning America spot Newsbusters states that

Co-host Norah O’Donnell offered no chiding as she marveled, “Amazon acknowledges removing one-star reviews of Hillary Clinton’s new book. Wow.” She uncritically parroted, “Amazon said it has mechanisms in place to ‘ensure that the voices of the many do not drown out the voices of a few.’”

A quick perusal of the Amazon website discloses any number of negative reviews, such as this one from Michael V.

It’s the same tired list of excuses why Hillary lost. Nothing new that we haven’t heard from her and her minions before. It’s a very fast read, but a waste of money. Cheaper just to Goggle Hillary Clinton’s excuses. She blames everyone but herself.

Some reviewers expressed their frustration at having their reviews deleted by Amazon, such as this review by BabaLaon

I wrote a verified purchase review and it has been deleted 3 times. If Amazon doesn’t like what we have to say, don’t ask for input.

Manuel Beiroon (who claims to be non-partisan) had this to say

I’m a non-partisan who has actually read this book and have to agree with many of the negative reviews here. This pretty much sums up the book:

1) It was MY turn
2) The campaign was absolutely impeccable..without any flaws whatsoever
3) It was everyone else’s fault

The negative reviews continue to pile up but the Main Stream Media (minus the CBS piece referenced in this article) remain silent and along with Amazon’s website continues to prop up what is left of Hillary Clinton




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