Hillary Clinton Behaving Like A CHILD: ‘If I Can’t Have The Presidency, No One Will!’

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It’s apparently not enough for Hillary Clinton to get away with her catalogue of crimes. Now she wants to overturn a US presidential election because she didn’t win.

If that sounds childish, it’s because it is.

It’s also undemocratic and un-American. But at this point, who’s counting any longer when it comes to Hillary’s list of flaws?

Speaking to NPR’s Terry Gross, Hillary openly admitted that she’d love to find a way to overturn the election and remove Trump from office, and is listening to any and every idea along those lines.

During their conversation, Hillary said she wouldn’t rule out challenging the results of the 2016 election.

The shocked Gross pressed Hillary to acknowledge what she had said. “You’re not going to rule it out?” she asked. “This is totally unprecedented in every way.”

The presidential election loser confirmed that “no, I wouldn’t rule it out.”

For the time being, Hillary admits that “I don’t know if there’s any legal, constitutional way to do that.”

Even so, the very fact that she’s open to such a move is just incredible. Unprecedented, as Gross pointed out. And definitely DEPLORABLE, to use one of Hillary’s favorite words.

(via: Conservative Post)


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