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After London Subway Bombing, Trump Just Went BIGGER and TOUGHER on Immigrants Entering U.S.

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President Trump made it very clear this morning that he is DONE with all the Politically Correct crap that Washington has tried to put him through.

The breaking point was the horrible bombing attack on a subway late last night in London. The attack was the work of ISIS and PROOF that the danger of Islamic Terror is far from over. But don’t worry, Trump has a plan…

He wants to make the ban on people entering from terror countries EVEN BIGGER, TOUGHER, and MORE SPECIFIC.

How could anyone in their right mind disagree with this sentiment at this point in history? Clearly, the dangers of Radical Islamists is felt world wide. We need to stand together now more than ever to defeat it.

Now, this is OBVIOUSLY not to say all refugees are bad. There are bad ones and good ones, same as anybody. The problem is that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to vet people in many of these countries because they have no real government records.

If you think it’s high time America takes the threat of terrorism seriously instead of using it only for political gain then not actually stopping it, share this and make it known to everyone.

(via: Liberty Writers)

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