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[VIDEO] Susan Rice Just ADMITTED The Sneaky Thing She Did To Trump and His Campaign During the Election

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So it turns out that Susan Rice is exactly the LIAR we all knew she was. It turns out she LIED when she told CNN earlier this year that she did not unmask Donald Trump campaign staff during the election.

Well, forget that because she just gave a private testimony to the House Intelligence Committee and guess what…She admitted that she did unmask Trump campaign members during the election.

But wait, y’all…There’s more! Rice claimed her reason for unmasking Trump officials was not because of Russia. Instead, it was because she was investigating why a Prince of the United Arab Emirates was visiting with Kushner, Bannon, and Flynn without telling Obama first.

So apparently their whole investigation started with a search into a Prince of the UAE and then jumped to Trump and Russia.

The UAE said that the meeting was simply an attempt to build a relationship between the future President of the United States and their country.

If Rice and Obama were hiding something like this, though, it makes you wonder what else they could be hiding. Hell, here is the actual interview where Rice claims she didn’t do the unmasking that she admitted to today.

The media is trying to spin this story and make it against Trump. It is not against Trump. This is either her caught in a lie or the predecessor to something BIGGER than Watergate for the entire Obama Admin.

(via: Liberty Writers)

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