[VIDEO] Sarah Sanders Just DESTROYED This White House Reporter After She Asked STUPID Question

During a press conference Wednesday, one reporter asked:

“The president’s dinner tonight with Schumer and Pelosi. They seem to be getting close. But in the past, the president has called Chuck Schumer a clown, Pelosi a loser. But now he seems to recognize that he needs them. How does that work? What changed?”

Sanders responded:

“I think it’s less about him needing them but as more about the president wanting to work with them and wanting to help move this country forward. As we’ve said many times before, we’ve got a very ambitious legislative agenda for this fall and the president wants to work with anybody that wants to move America forward.

And if they’re willing to do that, sit down, be part of that conversation on both tax cuts and tax reform, responsible immigration reform, then the president certainly welcomes those conversations.”


(via: Conservative Post)

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