Publisher of Hillary Clinton Book Orders All Copies to Be DESTROYED!

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In what can only be considered a stunning exemplification of the old adage that “some things never change” a very interesting revelation was made in an article appearing on the conservative website The particulars of the article have also been picked up by many other websites including the left leaning (or reclining) Washington Post and CNN.

The story  at first glance mainly concerned itself with the Hillary Clinton apology tour which is made up of the run of the mill “I lost because Trump/Conservatives/Voter Fraud/Sexism/Angry Voters/Russian Hackers/Misogyny/Electoral College/Barrack Obama/Climate Change/Debbie Wassermann Schultz/Bernie Sanders” screed that has become the mainstay of Clinton’s speaking engagements. Apparently this lucrative book signing and excuse montage has provided something of a new career for the 2nd place finisher of the 2016 election.

There was however something new that appeared in the article almost as an afterthought and that concerned a book about Clinton that had been in the works (and was in fact in the process of publication). This book wasn’t the finger pointing, angry whining attempt at justifying her loss entitled “What happened?” but rather a book authored by her pastor (yes, Hillary Clinton’s pastor) Bill Shillady.

The book entitled “Strong for a Moment Like This: The Daily Devotions of Hillary Rodham Clinton” was supposed to be a collection of devotions that Rev. Shillady had prepared especially for Hillary, unfortunately there was one problem (well actually more than one instance of the same problem) – plagiarism.

It appears that the publisher Abingdon Press (which is owned by The United Methodist Publishing House) became alarmed and as Brietbart reported “..the publisher yanked the book and destroyed remaining copies after it found multiple examples of plagiarism.”

According to the website, the Rev. Shilady is:

“…a Methodist minister and has been a spiritual advisor to the Clinton family since 2002. He co-officiated the wedding of Chelsea Clinton, Bill and Hillary Clinton’s daughter, in 2010 and served as spiritual council to Hillary Clinton during her 2016 Presidential campaign.”


Although many apologetic articles have appeared on liberal websites attempting to put a “plagiarism by the ministry happens all the time” spin on the story it doesn’t appear as if any other Presidential candidate (winner or loser) has ever had a book of devotions to them destroyed by the publisher.

Hillary Clinton involved in a scandal? Some things never change.


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