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Stephen Colbert Just Mocked Trump With DISGUSTING Nazi Salute – So Tucker Carlson Rips Him Apart!

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You know, President Trump has been absolutely hammered in the media for his response to the Charlottesville riots, claiming he did not call out white supremacist and neo-nazi groups when he in fact did multiple times.

Just when you think that nonsense had died down and the media could go on to reporting news that actually matters, “comedian” Stephen Colbert brings it back to a whole new sick level.

During an episode of “The Late Show” on Friday, Colbert lambasted former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon for saying he defended President Trump’s Charlottesville comments, but that’s not all. Colbert then proceeded to ‘prove’ whatever point he was making by doing a Nazi salute. Check out the bizarre scene here, it happens at 4:46:

This is sick beyond belief, and that fellow leftists didn’t see it and call him out is even more baffling. Tucker Carlson was paying attention at least and called Colbert out big time, saying:

Can we agree that is out of bounds? Jeffrey Lord just got canned from CNN for making reference to that regime but it’s okay here. How?”

Carlson’s guest Joe Concha then brought down the hammer:

“This is late-night comedy in 2017. It’s unhinged hate. And there is no line anymore to go over because there ain’t no line. It is it all anything goes.”

Then he points out Colbert’s total hypocrisy:

“Look, last week, or at the beginning of this week, Stephen Colbert mocked President Trump’s reaction to Hurricane Harvey, and here’s the bottom line: While Trump was in Texas twice, Stephen Colbert was on vacation for two weeks, and he had the time and the resources to go there and do something himself but instead, he mocks people from afar. And I think that’s all you need to know about the person Stephen Colbert is.”

He ended:

That’s the true punchline.”

BOOM. You know, I miss late night comedy that was actually funny and not a total hate fest. This latest Hitler homage is beyond sick, and Colbert’s network needs to know this is NOT OK, so let’s get this OUT THERE by SHARING 10,000 times!

(via: Liberty Writers)

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