President Trump Just Signed a Relief Bill Promising $15 BILLION To Harvey Victims

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President Donald Trump quickly signed the $15 billion relief bill on Friday for Hurricane Harvey victims.

“The president appreciates Congress putting aside partisan politics and acting quickly to ensure that first responders, local officials, and Federal emergency management personnel have the resources they need to respond to the natural disasters impacting our nation,” a statement from White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, read, informing the press that the bill had been signed.

The bill raises the debt ceiling and provides $15.25 billion for hurricane relief. The FEMA disaster relief fund gets $7.4 billion and a $450 million grant for the Small Business Administration. The Community Development Block Grant program receives $7.4 billion. The bill also extends the National Flood Insurance Program for three months.

The Senate voted for the legislation 80-17, and the House voted for the bill 316-90.

Trump signed the bill Friday afternoon at Camp David, where he is assembling his Cabinet for a weekend of meetings.

The president again called for bipartisanship in preparation for Hurricane Irma.

“This administration will always put the needs of the American people above partisan politics as usual,” the statement from the White House read.

(via: Breitbart)

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