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[VIDEO] Idiot TV Host Joy Behar Attacks Melania Trump, The Audience Turns On Her IMMEDIATELY

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Joy Behar attacked President Donald Trump’s plans to rollback the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program as racist.

“None of these kids, or people whatever ages they are, are from Sweden or Norway, they are all from these brown..these so-called brown countries,” the co-host of “The View” explained.

“People who are not white…non-white people,” she added. “So there’s racism involved here and why don’t they just admit it.”

While Whoopi Goldberg claimed that the move would mean the “deportation of thousands of children of undocumented citizens,” rather than accurately labeling them as illegal immigrants.

“I think what’s terrible is we have 800,000 ‘dreamers’ right now,” co-host Sunny Hostin jumped in. “If the Trump administration is all about jobs…a lot of them employ people by the way. But if they are all about jobs and saving money and having money in the United States, then why would you get rid of people who are actually contributing 24 billion dollars a year.”

Host Jedediah Bila reminded the panel that even Barack Obama admitted that when he signed the executive order in 2012 he didn’t have the “authority” to do so.

“To be clear, he’s not..Trump is not deporting anyone,” Bila explained. “What he’s basically saying is ‘this is not under executive authority.’ When this thing came out…the executive order from President Obama…the president did not have the authority to do that. This is something that Congress has to do.”

Sunny Hostin argued that Trump does have the authority to do it, while Bila came back that the president doesn’t have the authority to make immigration policy, adding that Obama was on record admitting “that he didn’t have the authority to do it and he did it anyway.”

(via: Daily Caller)

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