Did Trump’s Latest Tweet About DACA ‘Betray’ All of His Supporters?

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We all knew Donald Trump wasn’t your typical conservative or Republican when we voted him into office. Heck, he’s not a typical anything.

But Trump made certain promises, and what we do know about Trump is that he’s not afraid to keep such promises, even the unpopular ones.

One of those promises was rescinding DACA, the immigration reform that Barack Obama pushed through via executive order (possibly illegally) and that obliges America to open its gates to millions of immigrants who entered the country illegally with their parents.

Now, the first thing to remember is that Trump has always said he’d review immigration on a case-by-case basis, and allow those who meet certain qualifications to remain in the country, as LEGAL immigrants.

Liberals howling that Trump’s “inhumane” like to forget that bit.

But DACA isn’t a program that reflects the will of the people. It’s a program that promotes the Democratic Party agenda.

On Tuesday, Trump announced, via Attorney General Jeff Sessions, that DACA was on its way out.

But then just hours later, he took to Twitter and posted something that immediately left conservatives confused, angry and with a sense of betrayal.








Americans don’t want Congress to find a way to legalize DACA, and they certainly don’t want to Trump to “revisit” the issue several months from now.

“He better NOT “Re visit this issue” send ’em HOME,” wrote one commenter.

“I’m beginning to believe that Trump lied. I voted to end D.A.C.A.,” said another.

A third urged the president to not “get fooled by congress! Your our only hope.”

It would indeed seem like Trump is trying to weasel out of fulfilling his campaign promises in regards to DACA and illegal immigration.

Maybe he sees it as simply to big a move to actually deport large numbers of illegals, and instead will settle for a wall that keeps any more from coming.

But Trump won the election because folks believed him capable of doing what’s difficult, even impossible for the average politician.

The bottom line is that America has an immigration policy and process that allows people to enter this country LEGALLY. The millions of “Dreamers” who are currently protected by DACA did not follow that process.

(via: Conservative Post)

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