Keith Olbermann Has a MELTDOWN Over People Who PRAY For Hurricane Victims

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As the horrific effects of Hurricane Harvey took place (and are still taking place) across the State of Texas and Louisiana left wingers once again demonstrated their disdain for faith in general and people of faith in particular.

Betsy DeVos has been a target for liberal progressives since her selection to fill the position of U.S. Education Secretary. All aspects of her selection were stoutly opposed by liberals who have gone so far as to attempt to physically intimidate the women as she endeavored to do her job. This has resulted in the need to protect DeVos utilizing members of the United States Marshall’s service.

DeVos has held her position for over six months now and although she is routinely protested (and even sued) for daring to promote choice (something which liberals seem to favor when dealing with abortions but less so when speaking of education) she still persists (again a trait democrats seem to adore in liberal women but despise if the female is a conservative).

The real vitriol concerning DeVos however was reserved for very recently when the woman had the utmost audacity to offer a prayer for those in the path of Hurricane Harvey. Her tweet offering up her prayer was as follows:

Betsy DeVos

Our prayers are with all those in the path of #HurricaneHarvey. @usedgov stands ready to assist impacted schools.

Admittedly this is pretty tame stuff, it is entirely plausible that a Conservative woman would pray for victims of a disaster. Enter Keith Olbermann. For those who may not (understandably) remember who Keith Olbermann is, the man is a one time television ‘personality’  who basically called everyone who didn’t agree with him (and there were many) “Hitler” and when that shtick wore thin (rather quickly actually) he bounced around on various networks of diminishing viewership.

Just as Olbermann was set to fade away into well deserved oblivion the resistance movement was born. Unfortunately the resistance movement has given rise to a resurgence of faded and fading left wingers, much as Occupy Wall street did to such ‘notables’ as unrepentant domestic terrorist Robert Ayers. Whereas Ayers had been coddled by left wing academia and provided a position and tenure as a college professor, Olbermann had been languishing in relative obscurity as a “Special Correspondent” to GQ and other than tweeting the occasion bizarre, bitter, hate filled tweet he has remained a relatively obscure and rapidly diminishing star in the left wing universe..

But placing the hashtag #Resist or #Resistance or #Antifa in your twitter profile allows people like Olbermann to appear edgy and relevant, and to keep up that persona Keith Olbermann seeks out easy targets (which explains his Chronic Trump Derangement Syndrome). Hating Trump is relatively easy and costs Olbermann little in terms of political capital as he has none to begin with. Olbermann also knew that flying off the handle with hate and vitriol for Betsy DeVos’ offered prayers would earn him points with the resistance kids much like his hatred of POTUS has, thus he fired up his outrage and became so deeply offended by this woman offering a prayer for disaster victims that he offered his own tweet as follows:

Keith Olbermann‏

Keith Olbermann Retweeted Betsy DeVos
The hurricane is going to do less damage to schools than you are, Motherfucker

This obscene tweet (directed at a woman who had done nothing to him) is far from a rare event in the life of Keith Olbermann. In fact it’s not that he simply hates DeVos, he has had plenty of venom for all who disagree with him, including the President as shown in his (Olbermann’s) tweet in response to the President Trump’s tweet about White House leaks:


And in response to Sheriff Joe Arapaio tweeting his appreciation for being pardoned by the President there was this Olbermann response


You and @Potus can go fuck yourselves, you racist Nazi fucks.

Yes Keith Olbermann, GQ Magazine must be so proud that you represent them


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