Larry The Cable Guy HUMILIATES Liberals…Here’s What He Has To Say About Trump

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Why would multi-billionaire Donald Trump trade a life of luxury for a life of hardship being president of the United States?

Daniel Lawrence Whitney, aka Larry The Cable Guy, believes it’s because of Trump’s natural patriotism and conservative values.

In a video interview on YouTube, Whitney was asked what he thought of a Trump presidency.

“I think he’s going to do a great job,” the country comedian said, despite all the treachery from the “swamp” Trump promised to drain.

He added that Trump fans have experienced a barrage of backlash and are automatically labeled as “racist” if they voice positive opinions of the billionaire mogul.

“So if you say, I kind of like Trump, I kind of like some of the things he says and I think I want to vote for Trump — ‘You racist!’ You’re always a racist, no matter what. If they don’t agree with you — no matter what you say — they throw that out.”

(via: US Herald)


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