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Someone Has Placed a Giant Inflatable Chicken Behind The White House – And No One Knows Who Did It

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Yesterday the entire United States of America stood in shock as somebody was able to successfully blow something up in front of the White House.

Despite the WH being empty, a construction crew was still hard at work. Imagine their shock when they looked out at the lawn and saw…

Somebody blew up a giant, inflatable Trump-Chicken right outside the White House.

Nobody is certain where the 23-foot tall chicken came from or exactly what it represents. Was it an anti-Trump message or simply someone with too much free time?

A similar chicken had been seen at a Tax Day protest event because, you know, liberals protest everything.

Still, many concerned voices on Social Media suggested that Secret Service should have removed it from the National Mall in case it was filled with “poison gas” or something. Now, to be fair, it would be VERY hard to perform a gas attack with that little gas outdoors.

Do you think Liberals are doing a good job protesting Trump? Honestly, if this is what they are doing now, it’s a big step up from burning buildings and blocking interstates. Either way, it’s a ridiculous looking chicken. Share this out if you think Trump deserves more respect!

(via: Liberty Writers)

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