Bernie Sanders Writes New Book That Will Try and BRAINWASH Teens Into Becoming Socialist Zombies!

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Crazy man democratic socialist Senator Bernie Sanders has taken some time out of his busy schedule dealing with the FBI investigation into his wife’s bank fraud to pen a book teach teens to be “political revolutionaries” just like him.

Sanders gave an interview with Teen Vogue explaining the rationale behind his book, which will be out August 29th:

“Young people are the future of our country.”

“As citizens of the United States, they have a responsibility to participate in our democracy and to help create a government which works for all, rather than just the few. This book will expose them to an unusual political campaign, the excitement of politics and what being a progressive is all about.

Greaaaat. More socialist nonsense for our youth- ‘Thanks’ Bernie!

Teen Vogue highlighted that the book will feature graphs and ‘facts’ on income inequality and money in politics (I wonder if he’ll talk about how being a Senator makes it terribly easy for your wife to get a $10 million bank loan on behalf of a college she’s running to the ground?).

In part of the guide’s forward, Sanders writes:

“The current generation of young people is the smartest, most idealistic, and least prejudiced generation in the modern history of the United States.”

“This is a generation that is prepared to think big and move this country in a very different direction than we have been traveling for years.”

Yeesh. I quite like the direction the USA has been traveling, thanks.

Hopefully our nation’s youth won’t be suckered into the lies of ‘democratic socialism.’ I think it’s high time Sanders retires to one of his three homes- share if you agree! 

(via: Liberty Writers)

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