POLL: Should Immigration Reform Be A Top Priority?

proposal to sharply curtail legal immigration has run into bipartisan opposition on Capitol Hill, but polling suggests widespread support among regular Americans.

Surveys conducted from May to July in nine states suggest large majorities support key provisions of the Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment (RAISE) Act, which President Donald Trump endorsed Wednesday.

The bill would severely reduce “chain migration,” allowing new immigrants to sponsor only spouses and children younger than 21 for permanent residency in the United States — not extended relatives, as is allowed under current law. It also would eliminate the diversity visa lottery, which awards about 50,000 green cards a year at random to applicants from all over the world.

The surveys, conducted by Pulse Opinion Research on behalf of NumbersUSA, indicated that most people favored cutting legal immigration by 40 percent or more. The percentage of respondents saying that 40 percent was an appropriate cut or not steep enough ranged from a low of 54 percent in Wisconsin to a high of 64 percent in West Virginia.

Should immigration overhaul be approved? Are existing immigration laws out-dated and harmful to the American people? Vote and share this with your friends and family!



h/t (LifeZette)

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