BUILD WALL NOW: Democrats UP IN ARMS Over Sessions Urgent Message

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President Trump respects loyalty, period. This is one of the reasons why President Trump decided to keep Jeff Sessions after his twitter attacks last week.

Jeff Sessions has been one of Trump’s biggest supporters since day one. Today, the Attorney General declared with conviction that the ONLY way to truly stem the flow of gangs and illegal immigrants is to:



Jeff Sessions had a sit down with Tucker Carlson on FOX News to talk about his crackdown on the El Salvadorian gang MS-13.

Sessions has a plan to take out these criminal monsters once and for all, but he NEEDS the Republicans to come through for him.

“Well, we need the wall. We need better enforcement at the border. And we need to be able to deport people rapidly who enter the country illegally. And we have to end this policy of taking unaccompanied minors. “

Pretty simple, right? Unfortunately, the liberal Democrats continue to fail to recognize that a wall is the only solution to stopping the flow of illegal immigrants.



h/t (LibertyWriters)

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