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This Mayoral Candidate Wants To Completely DISARM Police Forces – Is This a Good Idea?

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Minneapolis mayoral candidate Raymond Dehn (Democratic Farmer Labor Party) is calling for an overhaul of policies that includes disarming “the majority” of police.

Dehn is also a state Rep. serving the 59B District.

According to Fox 9, Dehn believes officers should be disarmed of sidearms but is not opposed to allowing them to keep guns in their cars in the event that they have to retreat to the weapons under duress. He said, “I’m not saying they don’t have access to that, just like they have access to more lethal weapons in their cars, I would believe they would still have access to their guns in their cars.”

Fox 9 indicated Dehn is big on officers using other means of self-defense, “like a night stick or pepper spray.” Dehn said, “I think as we look at how to change policing and how we get officers to not react to use their gun in situations, but learning skills around de-escalation training I think are important.”

Police union leader, Lt. Bob Kroll, rejected Dehn’s proposal out of hand, saying, “I don’t think the people in Minneapolis are logically ready for anything like this. Who would ever do the job of policing again? It’s absolutely an absurd thought.”

It is interesting to note that Dehn’s proposal comes just over a week after an officer from Minnesota’s Somali community shot and killed an Australian woman who had called 911 to report a disturbance. The officer was allegedly sitting in the patrol car when he shot the woman. Dehn’s proposal would not have changed the course of this event, as he still supports letting officers have guns in their cars.

(via: Breitbart)

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