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[VIDEO] Trump Just Ask ALL AMERICANS To Go Out and Do This ONE THING To Beat Obamacare

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This is gettin crazy, y’all. Donald Trump is not a big fan of “resistance” movements for obvious reasons. However, he apparently is so sick of the ObamaCare BS he has ordered a resistance of his own.

Trump used his big speech today to send a clear message to all of his supporters on how WE can beat ObamaCare for good. Trump told everyone:

“And by the way, you can also call those senators to make sure you get health care.”

So simple and yet so powerful. Just think about it for a second. What if WE, the Trump Train, used the liberal tactic to harass our OWN Senators who are blocking the repeal and replace? Heck, we could probably get this fixed TOMORROW even without McCain.


So what do you think, folks? Do you think it’s time to get the old band back together and get this Congress moving? Or are the Dems right when they say sh*t like “Trump Supporters NEED ObamaCare”?

It’s our turn to lead the way now. So, let’s take action and call our Senators ASAP. Then share this everywhere so your friends and family do too!

(via: Liberty Writers)

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