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Bill O’Reilly Says Trump Doesn’t Stand a Chance of Reelection Unless He Does This ONE THING Right Now!

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Frothy-mouthed liberals are convinced President Trump will be limited to a single term because in their delusional thinking most of American hates him.

But even a leading conservative thinker is warning Trump can’t win reelection, unless he makes one major change, and fast.

Former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly believes Trump will have a tough time in 2020 regardless of who he faces on the Democrats’ side unless he successfully tackles tax reform.

O’Reilly told Glenn Beck on TheBlaze:

“I think the president has got to stop everything and just, you know, get into the tax cut business and get in fast.”

Trump was elected to “Make America Great Again.” And for most folks, one of the most important ways he can do that is by putting more of their own money back in their pockets.

In other words, cut taxes.

The reason this is such a major point is that when it comes to tax reform, Trump is racing against the clock with his own party.

Not a few big whigs in the Republican establishment want Trump gone. And if he fails to cut taxes–a major Republican focus–the party could turn against him.

Trump successfully took on both the Democrats and the Republican establishment to become president. But O’Reilly says that if the Republican establishment can paint Trump as being against tax reform, he may not be able to do so a second time.

(via: Conservative Post)

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