Obama Is FURIOUS After Congress Just Tore Apart Another of His ‘Legacies’

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Obama did a lot of things to hurt America while he was president.

Near the top of that list has got to be his anti-military policies that allowed, nay encouraged, our enemies to run rampant.

In 2011, Obama put the icing on that particular cake with his Budget Control Act that capped defense spending at $549 billion.

And that at a time when we needed to be spending a LOT more to defeat enemies like ISIS and face down threats like North Korea.

Instead, Obama left our military in a shambles.

Last week, Congress finally righted that wrong, giving President Trump even MORE money for defense than he requested, and BLOWING past that previous spending cap.

The 2018 budget will include $696 billion for defense.

And it was passed by a vote of 344 to 81, meaning that a very large number of Democrats (117 to be precise) voted in favor of scrapping Obama’s shameful legacy, at least in this matter.

(via: Conservative Post)

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