If You Use VERIZON – Check Your Bank Accounts IMMEDIATELY! Hackers May Have Stolen Over 14 MILLION Accounts!

Folks, this is scary! Verizon has announced that due to a server issue, 14 million customers are at risk of being hacked.

Their personal information (like bank accounts, phone numbers, address etc) could be exposed and leaked.

The Hill reports:

Names, address, account details and personal identification numbers for as many as 14 million Verizon customers were publicly accessible and unsecured in June because of a third-party cloud server problem, according to a new report.

Chris Vickery, of Upguard, reported the breach after he discovered a database of Verizon customers on a cloud server account of a Verizon subcontractor in a way that could be accessed by anyone who knew where to look for it.

The files “exposed the names, addresses, account details, and account personal identification numbers (PINs) of as many as 14 million US customers of telecommunications carrier Verizon, per analysis of the average number of accounts exposed per day in the sample that was downloaded,” according to the report.

(via: Conservative Post)

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