Police Are Warning of EXTREME Danger To Children After Finding Razor Blades Embedded in Playground Slides

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Police in Huntsville, Texas, reported the discovery of razor blades melted into city park playground slides. It appears officials found the razor blades before anyone was injured.

Huntsville city park staff made the discovery in two separate locations. The work crews found a total of four blades melted into the slides, apparently using a cigarette lighter, KHOU CBS11 reported.


The workers found the dangerous blades at two slides in parks located in Emancipation and Boettcher Mill Road Parks.

One mother who takes her children to one of the parks regularly appeared stunned by the discovery.

“I can’t imagine what a person would be thinking in their mind to do that, at a playground,” Desaree Dancey told the Houston CBS affiliate. “It rained today, so we were like, don’t go on the slides because of the water, but now we’re like, don’t go on the slides, because it’s dangerous.”

Her husband, Roosevelt Dancey said, “This should be a safe haven for children, they should be able to be playing, be normal children.”

Huntsville police are installing camera equipment to attempt to discover who may be behind these attacks on the children’s playgrounds. If apprehended, the suspects face charges of Third Degree felony injury to a child. Police investigators ask anyone with information to call them immediately.

(via: Breitbart)

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