Barack Obama Is BACK ALREADY! He Makes His First Political Speech Since Leaving White House This Week

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Narcissist-In-Chief Barack Obama isn’t done interfering in America’s pubic affairs, regardless of what the Constitution says on the matter.

Like a turd that won’t flush, Obama’s has maintained his public visibility since leaving office in January.

And now he’s about to step boldly (arrogantly) back on the political stage.

Politico reports:

Barack Obama will make the first official political move of his post-presidency on Thursday, headlining a private fundraiser for the National Democratic Redistricting Committee at a private home in Washington.

It will come as very little surprise to our readers that this particular gathering is being hosted by former Attorney General Eric Holder, and that House Minority Leader (and resident congressional lunatic) Nancy Pelosi will be in attendance.

The whole “resistance” is getting together!

And this meeting is just the start.

Come the fall, Obama is set to return to the campaign trail to help Ralph Northam win Virginia’s gubernatorial election.

And, you guessed it, Northam is a major player in the anti-Trump movement.

If you find Obama’s behavior to be not only unbecoming of a former president, but TREASONOUS as well, please hit that SHARE button below.

We need to get this out to as many Americans as possible…

(via: Conservative Post)

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