INSANE: Man Acts Like RABID DOG When Pulled Over For Not Wearing Seatbelt — Yells ‘Black Lives Matter!’

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Our nation’s police officers have been subjected to unfair verbal and physical attacks, particularly in recent years as social justice warriors contend that cops are responsible for the plight of minorities.

That rhetoric has led to innocent, heroic police officers being harmed by people who take out their frustrations on cops in order to make a statement.

For example, a Florida man allegedly attacked a deputy on July 5 after the cop pulled him over for a traffic violation, yelling “Black Lives Matter!” when he was taken to jail, according to Naples Daily News.

Anthony Denson Jr., 34, was pulled over for driving without a seat belt. When the deputy asked him for his license and registration, the driver refused, saying it was not his car, the Daily News reported.

“No, you’re going to shoot me,” Denson said.

After several attempts to get the driver to verify his identity, the report noted that the deputy asked Denson to step out of the car. Instead, Denson started shaking his body while grinding his teeth and growling.

Finally, after being threatened with a Taser, Denson got out of his car, using that opportunity to punch the cop in face.

Of course, he was arrested and while being taken to jail, he yelled “Black Lives Matter!”

Once he arrived at the jail, he told deputies: “If I get out tonight that officer is going to get it, I will get him.” He also continued to yell “Black Lives Matter,” according to WFTX.

Denson was charged with obstructing an officer, battery of a law enforcement officer, threatening to do serious bodily harm to a public official, and driving while his license was suspended.

This is the problem with a social movement that tells its followers that their skin color entitles them to blame cops for their problems — even if those issues are brought on by themselves, and their own actions.

Nobody — least of all that deputy — made Denson drive around without a seat belt on, and his getting pulled over for the traffic violation doesn’t mean his life doesn’t matter. On the contrary, it actually means quite the opposite. If cops didn’t care about black lives, wouldn’t they want black motorists to ride around in an unsafe manner?

(via: Conservative Tribune)

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