She Said WHAT? You Won’t BELIEVE What Maxine Waters Called President Trump!

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The craziest politician on the modern American scene had the nerve this week to accuse President Donald Trump of being “crazy” and “abnormal.”

“We’re talking about a president who not only does not deserve to be the president of the United States, but he deserves, in my estimations, to be impeached,” California Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters said during a speech Wednesday at the California African American Museum in Los Angeles.

“Are we going to sit here and wait for the next presidential election?” she continued. “I don’t think so. I don’t think so. He has done enough damage in the time he has been there … He is abnormal. He needs to be checked out to see if he’s crazy. So let us resist, resist, resist.”

Quick question: Has this lady ever looked in the mirror before? I ask because she herself epitomizes what it means to be clinically bonkers.

Just consider what she said only four months ago, when she claimed — without any evidence, mind you — that the extremely dubious sexual allegations made against the president in the now-infamous and quite debunked intelligence “dossier” were true.

“We already know that the part about the coverage that they have on him, with sex actions, is supposed to be true,” she said at the time. “They have said that that’s absolutely true.”

It’s as if reality flew right over her batty head like a bird, because by then it was already known by nearly everyone (except for Waters, apparently) that the allegations were bogus.

But this was nothing. While describing to an MSNBC host seven years ago what she had just observed at a Tea Party rally, the California congresswoman implied that proudly flying the American flag was somehow “outrageous,” according to LifeZette.

“I didn’t say anything to anybody. I just watched — the Republicans were out there — they were having a great time. They were laughing, they were waving the American flag, they were egging them on, and I thought that was outrageous behavior,” she said. “I really did.”

What’s outrageous is that this loopy woman hasn’t been institutionalized already. She may not pose a physical threat to anybody, but she definitely poses a threat to the mental health of anyone foolish enough to take her seriously.

(via: Conservative Tribune)

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