BRUTAL Attack Of Deaf Autistic Man In Superhero Costume

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A Florida man who is deaf and has autism was attacked by another man who wanted to engage “Superman” in a fight, police said.

Lake County Deputies arrested Tyler McCorvey, 26, for allegedly beating 19-year-old Rae Pitt on a street corner and bashing his head into a car, WESH reported.

WOFL reports that Pitt, who dons a Superman costume each day and is known in the community as “the Minneola superhero,” waves at cars and pedestrians along US 27 at Washington Street.

“He’s usually dressed up as Superman. Just doing his thing on the curb-getting everyone’s attention. Not bothering anybody,” said Abdool Shakur, who sees Pitt regularly.

The victim told police in a written statement that a man walked up to him, socked him in the chest, and bashed his head against a car.

He added that a witness came by to help after the man fled the scene.

Terra Brady, the witness, told police that McCorvey walked up to Pitt, posed as a deaf person, and pretended to remove Pitt’s cape, WFTV reported.

Brady told WFTV that police arrested McCorvey while he ran down the street with a garbage can covering his head.

Deputies charged McCorvey with battery and aggravated abuse of a disabled adult.

McCorvey told investigators that he wanted to “fight Superman,” but did not injure the victim.

Despite the ordeal, Pitt returned to his role as the “Minneola superhero,” waving at those who pass by the intersection.

Residents in the community say Pitt is a friendly guy who does not bother anyone.

“He keeps to himself, he waves and smiles. He does his thing and it makes our community happy,” said Ashley Payne.

(via: Breitbart)

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