Obama Gives 4th Of July Speech in Indonesia BASHING Trump, Patriots, and America!

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In his first Independence Day speech since leaving the White House, Barack Obama once again demonstrated why he should never have been our president.

Real Americans love this country. Real Americans are patriotic.

But there was Obama, standing at a podium in Muslim Indonesia, lecturing Americans on being LESS patriotic.

Speaking to his adoring Muslim fans in Jakarta, Obama slammed what he called “an aggressive kind of nationalism” that fosters “increased resentment of minority groups.”

It was a very thinly veiled jab at President Trump’s policy of “America First.”

Obama went on to claim that Trump’s policies will result in “more and more people arguing against democracy, we will see more and more people who are looking to restrict freedom of the press, and we’ll see more intolerance, more tribal divisions, more ethnic divisions, and religious divisions and more violence.”

Does Obama really think we are so stupid or so blind?

Our country is already today being flooded with people who argue against democracy, preach intolerance and engage in terrorist violence.

And it’s not patriotic Americans. It’s the waves of Sharia-loving immigrants that Obama let in!

To take this a step further, resentment of minority groups is another byproduct of Obama’s policies, not of Trump’s.

Obama’s eight years of race-baiting brought only greater distrust, not unity. It’s OBAMA who ruined our country.

The sad reality is that his words could have been coming from any one of America’s enemies. But they were coming from our own former president.

(via: Conservative Post)

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