Feds Just Arrested 35 Muslim Store Owners After Discovering This DISTURBING Thing In Their Stores

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A federal grand jury has indicted 35 convenience store owners from the St. Louis area after discovering a sick scheme they were running.

Mainstream media reports refused to make the Muslim connection, but when they released the list of defendants, the truth was obvious.

Nearly every name on the list was a Muslim of Middle Eastern background.

In other words, nearly all were immigrants or refugees.

Now, where would people like that get the money to even open a convenience store? I know lots of out-of-work Americans who’d love that kind of opportunity.

Turns out, the federal government, under policies Obama put in place, is just handing out tens of thousands of dollars to immigrants, and then NOT holding the recipients accountable for what they do with it.

100 Percent Fed Up comments:

Think about it…A family (see list below) our government imported gets together with others and buys a store with American taxpayer money….Why can’t our government give loans like this to Americans? They don’t even track the money…they’re just giving out our money without any record of how it’s used. Unreal!

What these particular Muslim families were doing was buying and distributing contraband cigarettes and drugs.

They were also using the network of convenience stores to launder money.

Folks, this is what a lot of people from more unsavory places around the world think of when they imagine America as the “land of opportunity.”

We need to take back what it means to live the AMERICAN DREAM.

(via: Conservative Post)

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