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These 4 Thugs Just BRUTALLY Attacked A Group of Tourists – But Then Get Some INSTANT Karmic Justice

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How dumb is it to commit a violent crime right in front of CCTV cameras on a main street in a big city?

I guess no one ever really accused thugs like these of being the sharpest tools in the shed.

Just glad these four scumbags are off the streets after they violently robbed two tourists on the streets of New Orleans’ French Quarter earlier this week.

Rashaad Piper, 20, Nicholas Polgowski, 18, DeJuan Paul, 21, and Joshua Simmons, 18, have all been arrested on charges of second-degree robbery.

But, Fox News reports, the charges could soon be upgraded to homicide.

The victims, James Curran and Tim Byrne, who were visiting from Boston, remain hospitalized.

Byrne, who was hit very hard on the back of the head, is listed in critical condition.

(via: Conservative Post)

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