These @$$hole Protesters Just Interrupted Trump’s Tribute To Rep. Steve Scalise – This Is DISGUSTING Behavior!

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Dozens of protesters interrupted President Donald Trump at a rally in Iowa Wednesday night, during his tribute to Congressman Steve Scalise.

“I’d like to also take this moment to send our thoughts and prayers to our courageous friend Steve Scalise,” Trump said about the congressman who was shot and wounded by a liberal gunman at the congressional baseball game.

Trump made his remarks during a campaign rally in Iowa. Over two dozen protesters, who infiltrated the crowd, started shouting and blowing whistles, interrupting the president’s tribute.

Supporters chanted USA, USA, USA! and loudly booed the protesters as security officials in the arena reacted.

“Never fails,” Trump said, pausing his speech and pacing around the stage until the protesters were silenced.

“We’re praying for you, we’re pulling for you, you have our absolute support and our deep admiration,” Trump said, referring to Scalise.

Trump also acknowledged the capitol police officers who stopped the shooter.

“They ran from the outfield in. They were being hit by rifle fire, they only had handguns and they were able to get him,” Trump said. “It was an amazing show of talent and bravery.”

(via: Breitbart)

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