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Just when you think the leftist media can’t possibly get any crazier, they manage to hit a new low. This one is truly outrageous though- ESPN commentator Max Kellerman actually said that the NFL is “injecting politics” into football games by playing the American national anthem before each game.

He made those comments while analyzing NFL player Colin Kaepernick’s famous refusal to stand during the national anthem last year. Kellerman defended Kaepernick’s actions, saying he was not obligated to stand during the national anthem.

Whether Kaepernick was right or wrong is a matter of on-going debate, however, Kellerman’s following statements definitely crossed the border into crazy-land, saying:

“And even if it was a rule that you [have to stand], is that Colin Kaepernick injecting politics in the NFL? No. That’s the NFL injecting politics by playing the national anthem and putting pressure on you to stand for it in the first place.”

What?! How messed up can you be to think that simply playing the national anthem at an American game in AMERICA is a controversial political statement?

His coworker Jason Whitlock even disagreed with him and his “preposterous” claims, saying:

“Playing the national anthem at sporting events has been a long tradition that goes well beyond the NFL and football.”

He continued by saying leftist commentators like Kellerman don’t think America is a “force of good” and want to “overthrow everything.”

ESPN has lost about 10 million subscribers in the last 3 years, and many analysts say it is because the network took a hard turn to the ideological left with commentators like Kellerman.

(via: Liberty Writers)

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