Trump Undoes Another MASSIVE MISTAKE Made By Obama…Will YOUR CITY Benefit?

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been on the war path this week against violence in American cities. On Tuesday the Attorney General released his plan to help 12 cities fight against violent crime during the National Summit on Crime Reduction and Public Safety.

This plan will involve those 12 cities joining the National Public Safety Partnership, a newly formed entity within the Department of Justice focused on combating crime. Sessions said of his new plan:

“Our new National Public Safety Partnership program will help these communities build up their own capacity to fight crime, by making use of data-driven, evidence-based strategies tailored to specific local concerns, and by drawing upon the expertise and resources of our department.”

This follows right behind President Trump’s executive order in February asking the Justice Department to “take the lead on federal actions to support law enforcement efforts nationwide and to collaborate with State, tribal, and local jurisdictions to restore public safety to all of our communities.”

Check out if your city is on the list! More will be added to the plan later:

Birmingham, Ala.
Indianapolis, Ind.
Memphis, Tenn.
Toledo, Ohio
Baton Rouge, La.
Buffalo, N.Y.
Cincinnati, Ohio
Houston, Texas
Jackson, Tenn.
Kansas City, Mo.
Lansing, Mich.
Springfield, Ill.

This speech follows a ringing indictment Sessions published on Friday of the huge increases in violent crime that began during the Obama administration.

Sessions noted specifically an Obama-era rule ordering federal prosecutors to not specify the number of drugs a criminal was dealing when they were being charged if the amount would trigger a mandatory minimum sentence. This resulted in lighter sentences for offenders, which Sessions attributed to a dramatic increase in crime, saying:

“Within one year after the Justice Department softened its approach to drug offenders, the trend of decreasing violent crime reversed. In 2015 the United States suffered the largest single-year increase in the overall violent crime rate since 1991.”

Sessions concluded his statement on Friday by saying he was ending this Obama-era practice, and will instead allow prosecutors to exercise more discretion in the law’s application.

Way to go AG Sessions! I’m so glad to have people in charge who are serious and realistic about fighting crime and making cities safe for ALL Americans.

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(via: Liberty Writers)

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