Barron Trump Just Gave His Dad The BEST Father’s Day Gift Ever!

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The Trump family was looking fabulous this morning while taking their very first trip to Camp David just in time for Father’s day. Camp David is the government-owned presidential retreat in the Catoctin Mountains in Maryland.

Melania was looking stunning as always in a belted white shirt and dress, and Barron was looking sporty with a soccer jersey.

The Trumps were also joined by Melania’s parents Viktor and Amalija Knavs, who have been heavily involved in Barron’s life, and have been living in Trump Tower with Melania and Barron before the mother and son moved to the White House.

Camp David has been frequented by U.S. Presidents for decades—FDR met with Winston Churchill there in 1943, and Jimmy Carter used it for Israeli-Egyptian peace talks. The camp has all the necessary infrastructure to govern the country—including with military support and a place to house staff.

President Trump has had a difficult couple of weeks with the Russia testimonies, the new investigations into him and his family, and, of course, slashing regulations and introducing helpful infrastructure and jobs programs.

Check out this video of the Trump Family on their way to Camp David!


His wife and son just moved into the White House last week, so we’re happy he’s taking a day to relax and recharge! It’s so rare to see the President relax with his family, and we all know the media is going to hate it- so share this 10,000 times so every American sees this positive Father’s Day story!

(via: Liberty Writers)

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