Russian Cyber Attack During Election Was MASSIVE – Why Hillary Is TERRIFIED Of This News Getting Out!

The Russian cyberattack on the U.S. electoral system reportedly had a larger scope than was previously revealed.

Bloomberg News reported that the cyberattack, which occurred before election, targeted nearly twice the number of states as was previously revealed.

The Russian hackers hit systems in 39 states in all, Bloomberg reported, citing people with direct knowledge of the U.S investigation into the matter.

Evidence shows hackers attempted to delete or alter voter data in Illinois, according to the news outlet. Hackers also accessed a campaign finance database in at least one state.


Illinois was won by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who garnered 55.8% of votes cast, winning the state by 17 points. Prior to the election, news organizations predicted that the state would be carried by Clinton, who was born in Illinois.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly denied any Russian involvement in election-related hacking.

But earlier this month, the Russian president said “patriotic minded” private Russian hackers unconnected to the government could be behind the major hacks that interfered in other nations’ elections.

(via: Conservative Post)

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