Comey’s Source For Leak Has Gone Into HIDING – This PROVES Their Guilt, They KNOW They’re In Trouble!

Comey admitted to leak FBI classified information through Columbia Law Prof Friend.

Now, Daniel Richman went into hiding. Why?

He knows pretty well that they both broke the LAW!

NYPOST reports: A Columbia University professor from Brooklyn went into hiding Thursday after pal James Comey revealed during his Senate testimony that the man leaked memos detailing the former FBI chief’s conversations with President Trump to the press.

Daniel Richman confirmed by e-mail to several reporters that he was the “good friend” and law-school prof who Comey slipped the documents — then hightailed it out of his tony Brooklyn Heights home and refused to answer any more questions.

It may not end with this single leak, either. According to an article by the New Yorker last month, Richman has long been Comey unofficial “media surrogate” so he can get information out.


(via: Conservative Post)

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