[VIDEO] These ‘Ecosexuals’ Are LITERALLY Screwing Nature – WTF Is Wrong With These People?!

In the Now uploaded this video that is going viral.

The video, begins with the words, “there are humans that ‘f**k’ nature” and shows hippies literally rubbing dirt on themselves and licking trees.

One woman can be seen sensually shoving dirt into her mouth before the words “ecosexuals consider earth to be a lover not a mother” appear onscreen.

“They even perform ‘weddings,’” the video continues, showing a mass congregation of “ecosexuals” marrying “anything natural, from rocks to mountains and seas.” The clip goes on to state that “ecosexuals believe their ‘faith’ will help environmentalism be taken more seriously.”


Ecosexuals ‘f**k’ nature to raise awareness of planet’s ‘sexua…

Ecosexuals ‘f**k’ nature to raise awareness of planet’s ‘sexuality’ ????

Posted by In the NOW on Thursday, June 8, 2017

(via: Conservative Post)

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