Trump Completely HUMILIATES Obama After Backing Out of Paris Climate Deal

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Predictably, Barack Obama was none too please with President Trump pulling us out of the Paris Climate Accord.

Global warming, climate change, whatever you want to call it was a hallmark issue for the Obama Administration.

And now it’s just one more piece of Barry’s legacy that Trump is dumping in the waste bin of history.

Poor, delusional Obama – he thought the American people would actually fight Trump for making such decision.


But what Obama still doesn’t grasp even after two terms as president is that what REAL Americans (not those celebrities Obama hangs with) want is a leader who fights FOR THEM.

And that’s what Trump’s Paris decision represented. A decision on behalf of the American worker (that stupid accord was costing us $3 TRILLION) and AGAINST the globalist elite.

But, Obama is a globalist elite, so it’s little wonder that he just doesn’t get it.

Still, he should be able to recognize the evidence is against his conclusion.

America’s response to Trump’s Paris decision is positive, not negative. Just look at how the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed immediately after the president’s announcement:

t’s a record high, folks.

As Trump himself put it, he was elected to represent and fight for us, not for tree-hugging morons in France:

(via: Conservative Post)

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