President Trump Responds To Comey’s Testimony, and Mainstream Media is SHOCKED!

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Former FBI Director James Comey’s much-anticipated congressional testimony did NOT go as Democrats had hoped.

Comey’s written statement was released to the press a day before he delivered it to Congress, and it was as if air was let out of a million balloons all at once.

The entire liberal narrative that Trump had stolen the election by colluding with Russia was suddenly deflated.

In the statement, Comey confirms that he repeatedly told Trump there was no suspicion of and no investigation into alleged collusion with Russia.

Trump’s private lawyer, Marc Kasowtiz, said the president feels “completely and totally vindicated. He is eager to continue to move forward with his agenda.”

Perhaps he can finally put his full focus on running the country.

Or are we expecting too much from the “fake news” mainstream media by assuming they will accept this conclusive evidence?

(via: Conservative Post)

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