WOW: Mike Huckabee TEARS DOWN Clinton and Griffin…This Is GOOD!

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“Hillary needs to get over herself and quit blaming everybody.”

Right? Maybe then she will realize that nobody wants her around anymore and just disappear. Thank God for Mike Huckabee, because someone had to say it.

He also took a few moments to tear Kathy Griffin apart and remind her who is ACTUALLY responsible for ruining her career (Hint: It wasn’t Trump)

Again, Mike Huckabee, you have outdone yourself. Seriously, is this guy great or what?

He saw an issue, and he immediately took action. You know it was probably Huckabee himself who called up FOX and said, “Guys, I have a story that needs to be told.”

Heck, if he is willing to start the charge, I say we all join in. Help him spread the word and take down both Kathy Griffin and Hillary Clinton by sharing this with all the conservative friends and family you have. This is a biggie.

(Via Liberty Writers)


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