Trump’s Response to Last Night’s London Attacks Will Have Republicans CHEERING – and Democrats LOSING THEIR MINDS!

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London and England has been the victim of yet another terrorist attack only weeks after the tragic bombing in Manchester at an Ariana Grande Concert.

There have now been three reported coordinated attacks in London that have left multiple people dead.

The first was on the London Bridge where a van collided into multiple people and then a second attack happened at the Borough market and a third attack happening at the Vauxhall.

This is another tragic attack that England is facing but President Trump has stepped up to show his support for our ally and also to show that this is a threat that the entire world.

His response was exactly what the world needed to see from the US President.


But of course while the prayers and hearts of America go out to the victims of the these terrible attacks, what they show is that it is full out war with ISIS and that they own’t sleep.

Trump also used this as an opportunity to show the importance of his travel ban so that the US can assure that this doesn’t happen on our soil.


President Trump has just brought back his travel ban and is asking the Supreme Court to instate it so that we can be sure that the lives of Americans are safe from radical Islamic terrorism.

President Trump has and always has had the best interests of the American people at the forefront of his plan and this is just another example.

President Trump called for the Travel Ban in the beginning of his presidency because he saw how horrible a threat radical Islamic terrorism posed to the free world.

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(via: Liberty Writers)

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