NO ONE Felt Bad When They Saw What Was on Kathy Griffin’s Face During PATHETIC Press Conference

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Almost immediately after issuing a hollow public apology on Tuesday, Kathy Griffin has continued her blame game with President Trump and the White House. Now standing alongside her attorney, Griffin went on record saying she has been battling abuse and “death Threats” since posting the controversial images of our decapitated President. But even more disturbing is Griffin’s ridiculous claim that President Trump and his family are “using their power to target her.”


Tears streamed down her face by the end of it. How sad.

“If you don’t stand up, you get run over,” Griffin said. “What’s happening to me has never happened in this great country. A sitting president of the U.S. … is personally trying to ruin my life forever.”

Griffin’s lawyer, Lisa Bloom, continued the absurd accusations, stating the disgraced comedian retained a criminal lawyer after being contacted by the U.S. Secret Service.

“As a result of the first family bullying her, she has been vilified, getting death threats, fired from multiple jobs and had multiple events canceled,” Bloom said. “Kathy never imagined it could be misinterpreted as a threat of violence against Trump. That was never what she intended,” Bloom said.

Apparently being fired from CNN didn’t get the message across, but Griffin’s delusions are only coming off as a desperate attempt to avoid the consequences of her actions. In an effort to leave no excuse uncovered, Griffin and Bloom then blamed her gender, saying the comedian is dealing with much harsher backlash because she’s female.

“This is a woman thing,” Said Griffin.

Although Griffin gave another teary-eyed acting job during the press conference, her true intentions were revealed almost immediately following.

“I’m going to make fun of him more now.”

Celebrity be damned, I think it’s time for ALL American citizens to fully understand the consequences of publicly attacking our President. These are not just jokes, especially when you share the same disgusting sense of humor as Griffin. We are in a very important time for our country and President Trump is who we will follow into the future. Being Commander-In-Chief is much harder than being a bad comedian, and anyone who respects this country has to share that same respect with its leaders.

Kathy Griffin’s accusations are undoubtedly the real comedy here, but it’s our job to make her the punchline. Let’s send her a message.

(via: Liberty Writers)

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