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Hillary’s Relationship With George Soros is EXPOSED! This Is DISTURBING…

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Folks, Hillary is the establishment’s puppet. She’ll do anything to please these billionaires … she takes orders from them.

She’d never work for the American people but rather she’ll make AMERICA insignificant AGAIN!

Thank God, we now have a president that values American jobs and American workers … before we dig into Hillary’s Relationship w/ George Soros and how Huba Abedin exposed it – please take few minutes to watch this video:

Many Americans know that Hillary Clinton and George Soros are on the same wavelength. Many know that they’ve been spotted together, infrequently, at different events and functions.

But now, according to a new email by Wikileaks, it wasn’t really that infrequent — and it was much more personal.

In an email from Clinton’s right-hand aide Huma Abedin to campaign manager Robby Mook and campaign CEO John Podesta, Hillary was going to wine and dine with globalist George Soros.

Then, immediately after, Huma mentions Soros’ interest in getting Hillary onboard with a new political group called America Votes — and he wanted the Democratic nominee to fundraise for them.

Breitbart reports:

“She is having dinner with George Soros tonight,” Abedin explained to Mook and Podesta. “Do you know much about America Votes? As Greg Speed explained to me, they are the coordinated campaign for various outside groups. Soros is a big supporter of the group and hes going to ask her tonight if she will come to a fundraiser for them at his house in December. Thoughts?”

“I would only do this for political reasons (ie to make Soros happy),” Mook responded before dismissing the importance of America Votes. “It’s very unclear to me how much AV will matter next cycle. And I haven’t seen them adding any value this cycle. I also worry a little it will cause donor confusion vis a vis Priorities.”

We have the email here for you:

It’s sure now, Hillary only care about money! 

In case you have forgotten, Soros has pledged more than $25 million to help elect Hillary Clinton in 2016.

(via: Conservative Post)


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